What Our Members Say

I entered the crypto space around the same time as Vivian and first met him in 2016 and like him, I learned the hard way. He is one of only a handful of people in the industry whose judgement I would trust. I still work in the industry but don’t have the time to research everything that is new in the market. WoW is the perfect platform for those of us who want to invest in projects that have undergone Vivians exhaustive due diligence. Ive already taken part in a couple of projects and look forward to investing in more.



I’ve always dreamed of being able to get involved in top crypto projects before the masses found out about them. The reality is that finding the right ones early on your own is almost impossible. Luckily through my relationship with Vivian and by capitalising on his knowledge, contacts and research I have been exposed to some beauties of projects.



Their call on VRV was inspired. 6 months later it was on the exchange after returning 107 times our investment. Incredible pick!!