WOW Roadmap

Back Story

In 2014, Vivian dived into the world of cryptocurrency. He made his mark by backing over 130 up-and-coming crypto projects, from ICOs and IDOs to IEOs and exclusive private sales. Each investment taught him valuable lessons and sharpened his expertise, giving him profound insights into the art of crypto investing.

Formula for Success

But for Vivian, investing wasn't just a numbers game. He realized that to really succeed, he needed to know the teams and understand the core ideas behind the projects. He found a winning formula generating him project returns such as a Defi project that returned a 55x, a Metaverse project that did a 107X and a CDN project that returned a 148x to name a few

Community Growth

As whispers of Vivian's skills for pinpointing crypto goldmines spread, curious minds began seeking him out, curious for a taste of his success formula. What started as a humble attempt to share tips via a WhatsApp group soon snowballed into an unexpected phenomenon. Like-minded enthusiasts, seasoned investors, and crypto newbies alike flocked to be a part of this exclusive circle. Vivian, almost by accident, found himself at the helm of a thriving community of followers, all eager to delve into the secrets of his crypto acumen.

Q3 2022
WOW Inception

The group's popularity grows rapidly, leading to the birth of Wealth Of Wisdom (WOW) Community 

Q4 2022
Team & Tech

Vivian starts to put a team in place to develop the concept, the technology and the community. 

Brand & Front End Development

Established a robust brand identity and launched a user-friendly, responsive website to showcase our presence and values in the digital landscape.

Q1 2023
WOW website goes live

Launched the official WOW platform, offering users a new digital experience and insight into our crypto journey

WOW NFT Goes live

Introduced the WOW NFT Access Pass, granting holders exclusive access to premium crypto insights and information


Launched the WOW NFT Access Pass on OpenSea, expanding its availability and offering enthusiasts a gateway to exclusive crypto knowledge

Q2 2023
1st 988 NFTS Available

Released our inaugural batch of 988 WOW NFT Access Passes

WOW 1st Project revealed

Unveiled our premier investment project.

WOW Social Channels

WOW Community interactive Telegram Chat 

WOW 2nd Project revealed

Announced our second investment project to the WOW community

Company Structure

Formalized our company's foundation, securing banking relations, obtaining necessary licenses, and defining the organizational blueprint for sustained growth.

Q3 2023
WOW Rebrand

Refreshed and evolved the WOW brand identity to resonate with a wider audience, amplifying our appeal in the expansive crypto market

Team Expansion

WOW's momentum accelerated with the addition of talented team members and the guidance of expert advisors, enhancing our capabilities and shaping our journey ahead

WOW Tokenomics Audit

Completed a rigorous audit of our WOW Token with, ensuring its security and reinforcing our commitment to transparency and trust.

Marketing Partners

WOW Team up with entrusting them to elevate the WOW brand and bolster our reach in the crypto market.

WOW Token Announcement​

Introduce the WOW token and its tokenomics, unveiling our vision and strategy to the community and setting the stage for a new chapter in our journey

Q4 2023
Token Community Sale

Launch the WOW Token's community private sale, offering our dedicated community an exclusive opportunity to be part of our growing ecosystem

Token Development

Initiated the development of the WOW token contract, laying the technical groundwork for our digital asset's seamless integration and function.

Marketing Strategy & Campaign

In-depth market research, launch targeted campaigns on Telegram and Twitter, amplifying community engagement and bolstering our digital presence

WOW Token Public Sale

Opened the gates for the WOW Token's public sale, inviting the broader community to join our vision and be a stakeholder in our collective future.

WOW Promotional Events

Elevate the WOW brand presence with prominent showcases at events. Key highlights include the October appearance at London's Zebu Event and the November feature at the Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

Q1 2024

WOW Launches the new series of NFTs and opens the doors for new users to join the community 


WOW Token Generation Event, bringing our digital asset to life and solidifying its place in the crypto ecosystem.

WOW Airdrops

Conduct the WOW Token Airdrop for both our pre-sale and public sale participants


Stake early and amplify your yields generated from our projects. The sooner you begin, the more you stand to earn, underscoring our commitment to reward proactive community members

Token Buy & Burn

A percentage of WOW's project investments is channeled to purchase and subsequently burn the WOW token, underlining our commitment to token value preservation and growth.

Exchange Listing

The WOW Token will make its debut on a major exchange, offering enhanced liquidity, accessibility, and ushering in a new phase of growth for our community.

VARA Licence

Securing the VARA licence, marking a pivotal step in ensuring our compliance and establishing a firm foundation in the regulatory landscape.

New Projects Announced

Unveiling new project opportunities, furthering our commitment to innovation and offering exciting prospects for our community to engage with

Q2 2024
New Partnerships announced

Revealing new strategic partnerships, broadening our horizons and fortifying our mission with collaborative strength.

Token Buy & Burn

Token Buy & Burn strategy, a move designed to reinforce the value of the WOW Token and demonstrate our commitment to its long-term stability.

WOW Meet Up Announced

Announcing our inaugural WOW Community Meet-Up. A chance for enthusiasts and believers to connect, share, and envision the future of our movement together.

New Projects Announced

Announce a series of new projects, expanding our portfolio and creating new avenues for growth and engagement.

H2 2024
WOW Swag Shop

We're rolling out the WOW Swag Shop, offering exclusive WOW merchandise for our community to proudly showcase their allegiance to the project

WOW Developments

We remain unwavering in our commitment to refine and expand the project's capabilities, ensuring its adaptability and relevance in an ever-evolving landscape

Marketing & Promotion

Continue to amplify our marketing and promotional endeavours, relentlessly pushing forward to elevate our presence and engage with a wider audience.

Project Announcments

Continue to unveil more opportunities exclusively for our community. Secure your spot and gain early insights into these promising ventures.

The roadmap is subject to change as the company’s priorities and developments may shift over time. This public roadmap serves as a high-level overview of the company’s plans and provides a clear direction for members.