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How to become a whale in crypto and NFT with W.O.W

If you’re looking for unlimited access to exclusive content and inside information on vetted, early-stage crypto and NFT projects, make sure you watch the video guide we’ve prepared for you.

One of a Kind NFT

Get direct access to pre-launch Crypto projects with the W.O.W NFT Access Pass for exponential growth. With unlimited access to our ecosystem and unique incentives, including:

  • Inside information on the very best crypto and NFT projects
  • Video instructions on how to get set up for each project
  • Stay connected on our Telegram crypto groups
  • Regular, free airdrops
  • Locking options for additional benefits

W.O.W Membership levels

The higher your W.O.W NFT Member Pass level, the closer you get within our Crypto Community. Enjoy additional opportunities, Zoom calls, special discounts, tips, and exclusive incentives.

Early Whale Special

Limited-time offer for the first 988 investors:

  • Join a pool representing 5% of all future sales of remaining W.O.W Passes
  • The pool is expected to be worth between $500K and $1M
  • Discounted rates available for G.G (Genesis Group) members
  • Future options and benefits for G.G W.O.W Pass holders
  • Multi W.O.W purchases are eligible for discounts

Future Value + Benefits

Get Unlimited Access to Exclusive Benefits with your W.O.W NFT


  • Your W.O.W NFT provides unlimited access to exclusive inside information and benefits
  • You have the opportunity to sell your NFT if you wish to do so
  • Staking options include airdrops, newsletter, commission, VIP status, and rare NFTs
  • The buy back and burn feature reduces the number of passes in circulation
  • Applied early stage crypto may increase in value, adding to the attached value of your pass

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